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About Us


the Great thing about this server is that it is one of a few servers.

What we are about

This server is a part of our main server.
the main server is a Superhero mod server.
that is the main clan, while this is a sub clan you have a chance to be in both clans.

Our History

   This server was made from the finest creator -][CSC][-Omega|Head-Admin|.He took alot of time to make sure everything ran smoothly. customizing over 1.5 gig of space for this server.
There may still be some little glitches, but it will be fixed over time. the server is worth playing on.becasue of all the work and late nights, it would be helpful for donations. The more donations, the quicker many errors, could be fixed.
Also the best way to support us it to clikc on the bottom google ad. Only click once then exit off of the webiste shown up. its adventure quest