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Jonathan Yang's Website!!!!

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Welcome to my website. For those that you don't know my name it's is Jonathan Yang. I'm a great game player on C.S and C.Z. I hope you like my website.

For those that don't like to play games please leave my site lol just kidding!!! For my members in my clan -][CSC][- on the game C.Z that my server will not be up until a week or so later on!!! So please stop AIM me!!!

Please don't be like them!!!
There really DUMB!!!

What's New?

I just finished my book report and waiting until i get my grade back i hope my classmates will get A's :)!!!

Visit my questbook most of the time please!!!!!! lol:)

Please sign my guestbook!  Look at my guestbook!!!

Welcome to Jonathan's Website!!!